"(7.24.14) Pre-meeting date with my iPad and a cappuccino. Almost finished with my latest font! (Stylus is a Maglus by Applydea, beautiful case is Air from @dodocase’s Elemental collection)." by emdashpaperco


Full Disclosure: Applydea gave me review samples of the black Maglus and interchangeable tips to try out for this article. Even so, everything I write below is what I really think.

The best iPad stylus is also the one you’ve probably never heard of: the Maglus by Applydea. There’s a lot to…


This just came in the mail!!! My wallet was lost and so was my iPad stylus so I had to buy another.. But luckily, they come in BLACK now!!! If you want a REALLY REALLY REALLY good working RESPONSIVE stylus that’s as well designed as it’s function, Maglus is the best I’ve tried hands down. 35 bucks and an extra nib that comes in that key ring to protect the tip, which is awesome sauce. And it feels sturdy as fuck and it’s magnetized to stay atop ur iPad.. I love this thing
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Stick your Maglus anywhere thanks to the magnetic plate included with each stylus, just like Derek did here :)


Sand, Schatten und eine optische Täuschung machen dieses Motiv (das wir von der Facebook-Seite von 3dsd rebloggen) zu einem populären Phänomem in Neuseeland: Am Strand von Mount Maunganui haben die Künstler Jamie Harkins, David Rendu und Constanza Nightingale eine Strand-Variante der populären 3D-Kreidezeichnungen gebaut, mit denen z.B. auch der russische Banksy P183 bekannt wurde.

Gizmodo, The Atlanticcities und der New Zealand Herald berichten über die  Strandkunst und schicken sie auf den Weg in Phänomeme-Web. Auf YouTube kann man zudem einen Clip sehen, der zeigt wie die Sandburgenkunstbauer ihre Illustionen herstellen:


addendum to my last-insta: merge a #kaweco al-sport aluminum fountain pen on one end with a #maglus stylus magnetic on other pls magnify my fountain and stylus double ended pen luv (Taken with Instagram)



Utterly forgot to take a daylight picture of dyed wool today *facepalm* but here is my new stylus! This thing is sliiiiiiick. And magnetic, so it sticks to my iPad cover. Expect drawings…

Thank you for this lovely photo of the Maglus, we love it!

iPad + Maglus = ….

Customers take the best pictures: Thank you to Hugh from Finland you sent us this shot of the Maglus